Our Goal

"Understanding Multiplication of Exponents"
To create an instructional sequence (a.k.a. lesson plan) featuring:
- different models to present the concept
- select problems to facilitate student understanding
- explanations to bring about student understanding
- common student misconceptions
- ways to address misconceptions
- connections to real world experiences
- connections among mathematical ideas

Lesson Plan for Junior-High School Exponents

Lesson Plan for Junior-High School Exponents
A concept-map of multiplication of exponents

The Alberta Math Program of Studies

A word about the AB Math Program of Studies
How is exponents being introduced in schools? 
Although exponents and law of exponents are only taught in
 grade 9 (under the strand "
number" in the Alberta Math Program of Studies), some concepts and related examples of exponents are already being introduced in earlier grades. The concept of exponents as repeated multiplication of the same factor is being introduced through the strands "number" and "shape and space (measurement)."
For example, in
 grade 4, students learn to measure area of 2D shapes in square unit. Students continue to develop their knowledge on area and volume measurement throughout grade 5 to 8. 
Note: Students learn order of operations in grade 6, excluding exponents.

In grade 10, students take up exponents under the strand "algebra and numbers," where they extend their knowledge of exponents and apply laws of exponents that involves rational or variable bases, rational exponents, radicals and logarithm.