Our Goal

"Understanding Multiplication of Exponents"
To create an instructional sequence (a.k.a. lesson plan) featuring:
- different models to present the concept
- select problems to facilitate student understanding
- explanations to bring about student understanding
- common student misconceptions
- ways to address misconceptions
- connections to real world experiences
- connections among mathematical ideas

Lesson Plan for Junior-High School Exponents

Lesson Plan for Junior-High School Exponents
A concept-map of multiplication of exponents


This is a lesson plan for teaching (middle school) the topic of exponents. The focus is to introduce students to multiplication of exponents, starting from the fundamentals, progressing through concrete ideas, and going deeper into inquiry and real-world situation.

Our Goals: "Understanding Multiplication of Exponents"
1. Introduction - Concept-Map - Let's look at how multiplication of exponents is layout in a lesson plan, and reflected in the curriculum
2. Examples and Models - Teaching the Basics that includes the rules and the models using area and volume of a square and cube (concrete ideas)
going deep ...
4. Teaching Instances and Non-Instances (complex ideas)
5. Sample Questions - How to ace the tests
6. Inquiry Project - An Inquiry based assignment which can be used to assess learning; and develop critical thinking and strategic competence
deeper ...
7. Real-world Applications - Practical uses of exponential laws in real world and scientific phenomena (i.e. ph scale, Richter scale)
8. Math behind the real world - Details about the Richter scale...