Our Goal

"Understanding Multiplication of Exponents"
To create an instructional sequence (a.k.a. lesson plan) featuring:
- different models to present the concept
- select problems to facilitate student understanding
- explanations to bring about student understanding
- common student misconceptions
- ways to address misconceptions
- connections to real world experiences
- connections among mathematical ideas

Lesson Plan for Junior-High School Exponents

Lesson Plan for Junior-High School Exponents
A concept-map of multiplication of exponents

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Commonly asked questions ... 
  1. What is exponents? 
  2. How to read an? 
  3. What is x½
  4. Which models facilitate understanding of the concept [of exponent multiplication]?
  5. How is exponents useful?
  6. How is exponents useful in everyday or real life? Give some examples...
  7. What are some real world applications of exponents?
  8. How is exponents connected to other topics in high school Math? 

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